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Justin Medicare is accessible from, ensure the privacy policy and security of users, patrons, and guests. Here this privacy policy is simply about how we save data, store information, and record it by

This Privacy Policy sets out information collected or processed by “US “WE.” You indicate your consent to the data practices described in the Privacy Policy. You have to agree with our privacy policy and terms and conditions before you make any transaction and order meds from our Website.

In addition, if you have any queries, doubts, or conjecture about the privacy policy in any clause of our terms and conditions. Feel free to contact us.

Assent / Consent statement for our Website

Using our Website, you have to agree to our privacy policy and allied terms and conditions before any transactions and purchases from the Website. 

Data that we collect/ gather from you

Personal Information

We collect personally identifiable information (PII) with the user’s consent. Collection of personal data occurs when you wish to register for any medicine and when you intend to purchase it on our Website. You may visit our Website unsigned, but it will forestall you from getting bespoke services, offers, and other deals that we offer to our clients and customers. However, personal information we collect may include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number

Collection Of Non-Personal Data Information

Our Website may collect Non Personal information from our users. If you provide the details mentioned above, the ( non) PI and PI will be merged. Non Personal data that we collect may include:

  • Cookies
  • USPS/ZIP code 

How Do We Utilize/ Use Your Collected Information?

We may collect, process, or use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • We utilize the data for account creation and providing access to your already registered account on our Websites.
  • For a better user ( individual experience on the Website)
  • Help manage your account choices and preferences.
  • For better and synchronized communication (via messages, chat, and Electronic mail)
  • For the improvement and up-gradation of the Website
  • how our customers (you) utilize our Website in a better way
  • To resolve complaints and grievance issues ( if any) raised by you. 
  • To detect and safeguard Websites for illegal and (fraudulent) activity on the Website. 
  • For analytical and research purposes, including( data analysis and research work to improve the websites) to outperform our competitors. 

How Do We Protect The Data And Information That You Share With Us?

We ensure to protect your information; we maintain 100% confidentiality by all means. Your information is secure with us. The information you share is secured, and we ensure to use measures – Firewalls, and physical and electronic security measures to control unauthorized use of the data. 

When you share your information with us, your information is only accessible to a set of professionals who are already under a binding agreement for maintaining the confidentiality of data and information that you put across and share with us. With us, you have the following security rights :

  • The information is protected through our security systems. We use international and recognized( industry-approved) US law rules and regulations.
  • The information you share with us is transported through layers of security systems.
  • We ensure to keep your information, and data discrete and that the information you provide is secure. We do not sell or share even a piece of data to third parties or any other website for any purpose whatsoever.
  • We guarantee that there will be no disclosure of information or potential security threat ( as we have a robust security system).
  • 0n the contrary, We are not responsible (no responsibility held) for any security breach beyond our control, including (government acts unauthorized access to a Desktop or storage device, or any security and encryption breach.

Cookies And Other Technology-Related Policies!

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small machine codes that are simultaneously used with web beacons and other such technologies to collect and Non personally identifiable information. And these cookies are stored on your browser when you visit the Website or land on the page of the Website through a third party or a social media account.

The Non-PII we may collect include:

  • Referral to the web page
  • Date and time of website visitation
  • Links that connected you to our site

Cookie collection aims to ensure a better user experience by remembering your preference and repeated visits ( no. of hits) to the Website.

Our advertiser’s policy! 

Our promoters (some) on our webpage may utilize cookies along with non-personal information. In addition, we do not share data and information of our users with any advertisers OR advertising agencies.

Information about the Minor population( children less than 18) 

If your ward/kid gave any data OR Personal Identifiable information, we request you get in touch with our team CSE( customer service executive). We make the diligent attempt in all fairness to remove the information data from our records right away.

However, We ensure and do not save information of Children below 13 years, and if we accidentally save the date, we will delete the data from the Website, and it will not be available in any form.

Opting Out Of Cookies

You can opt out by simply altering the settings on your browser from gathering and, you can opt out of the Cookies. You can dismiss OR “reject” or “opt-out” options from the settings; you have the privilege of blocking the use of cookies by altering settings in the internet browser.

Privacy Policy Review 

We may change or amend our Privacy Policy at any given time. Privacy Policy, along with the Disclaimer and Terms of Use, contains the complete and binding agreement between you and us regarding the Website’s use for making a transaction OR buying medicines.

You are advised to review the Privacy Policy periodically to ensure that you agree with changes or updates. Use of the Website after changes will indicate that you accept and agree with the changes in the updated privacy policy. In addition, any changes in the privacy policy will reflect on this page.

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