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UsPills Store brings to you an online platform, which can be accessed for all your health needs. We are trying to make healthcare a hassle-free experience for you. Get your all medicines, vitamins & nutrition supplements and other health-related products delivered at home. That too in the comfort of your home.

Your UsPills Store team proudly presents a new high-tech project designed to successfully fulfil the requirements of even the most demanding customers. Starting in 2013, we have been working in the IT business for more than 10 years now, and throughout this time have always endeavoured to meet the highest possible standards and requirements of the market.

In keeping fully abreast of developments and innovations in the market, all of projects are supported by the most advanced systems available. We are skilled and experienced professionals in this field, and have set ourselves the target of becoming one of the world’s leading and most reputable online providers of pharmaceuticals.

Let us introduce you the project in more detail.

We all know that pharmaceutical market is extremely competitive, with innumerable online drugstores and pharmacies competing for leadership in this particular field of e-commerce. We believe that the advantages we possess over other players on the market will allow us to assert and maintain a strong competitive edge.

It is a serious but unfortunately all too common mistake to assume that an online store should handle all the checkout operations by itself. There are still a large number of merchants trying to buy SSL certificates to secure their order pages through fraudulent activities, really believing that such tactics work. This is not so; some customers are deprived of their private information during the checkout procedure and it is the merchants who are responsible and should be held accountable for that. What we have done here at, is to render all the responsibility for the transactions of our customers directly to the processing bank. As banking terminals and gateways are strictly secured and protected, our customers no longer suffer from hacking and other fraudulent activities that can be perpetuated with any regular pharmacy they are used to shopping at. All private information is entered at specially secured banking domains that cannot be hacked like a simple SSL secured page. We care about the security of your information and go to great lengths to keep it strictly confidential.

You may be amazed at our prices, as we succeed in keeping the level of pricing from 5 to 15% lower than official distributors of medicines. How have we managed to achieve this? When you shop around on the Internet you may get dramatically different offers for the same medications. A simple example would be Viagra or Cialis, the price of which may vary by a few cents to tens of dollars. Have you even wondered why this is so and how it happens? The answer is quite simple. The original branded Viagra produced by Pfizer can never cost cents or even 1-2 US dollars, simply because company adds costing for it’s patent and research done on it. Due to which you would usually see the generic versions being priced a lot cheaper. Here at, we have established direct connections with the manufacturers of medications in Europe, India and within the US, meaning that we can ensure the lowest possible market prices from the outset. We do not rely on warehouses or local retailers to store or supply our product, as our suppliers deliver them directly to our customers, thereby avoiding any third parties. Hence, as a result of our ability to save on rent and other overhead costs (in addition to valuable time), we are able to offer a genuinely lower price. As we work directly with the manufacturers, there is no chance of you receiving counterfeit or low quality medication at our stores. The product is always licensed and of the highest quality, no matter if you buy the genuine or a generic product. We refrain from selling if the medication has not been tested and is not licensed according to the highest standards of the World Food and Drug Administration (WFDA). We care about your health as much as we care about your finances!

Our objective is to combine our customers’ comfort with low prices and high quality, and in fulfilling this goal we are always glad to listen to any particular wishes and requirements that our clients may have.


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